St Andrew’s College (Notre Dame College of Education, Halls of Residence, Glasgow

Location:-Duntocher Road, Bearsden, Dunbartonshire

When St Peter’s Seminary moved to Cardross in 1996 the Archdiocese of Glasgow decided to construct new teaching training facilities in Glasgow. Gillespie Kidd and Coia were selected and in 1969 the college was opened.

In 1981 the college merged with Craiglockhart College and became a national Roman Catholic teacher training college; it was then that it received its new name St Andrews College. In 1998, the five residential blocks were listed at Category A. Amalgamation with Glasgow University in 1999 and the following relocation of teaching in 2002 to Glasgow meant that the Bearsden site was declared surplus to university requirements.

In 2007 planning permission was given to construct the new Bearsden Academy.

2008 Photographs

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