Rootes Factory, Linwood

Location Map

The Rootes Company were encouraged to expand their car making facilities by creating a factory at Linwood. This factory cost £23 million pounds to construct in 1961 and was to be the production base for the famous Hillman Imp. By January 1963 a million square foot of space was taken up by the Rootes Company.

An in-depth history of the Linwood site can be found here

Chrysler took over the Linwood factory in 1967 and production of the Imp ceased in 1976. Chrysler then sold the factory to Peugeot-Citroen who closed the site in 1981.

The site lay empty until the 80’s when the construction of Phoenix Retail and Business Park begin on the site.

As of January 2006 the only remains of the car plant are the Die Casting Plant and an underpass which leads from the Die Casting Plant to what is now ASDA.

The freight line which serviced Linwood also closed in 1981.

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Remnants of Rootes video


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