Ravenspark Asylum, Irvine

Ravenspark Asylum, Sandy Road Irvine


What is now referred to as Ravenspark Asylum started life as Cunningham Combination Poorhouse in 1857/8. The first inmates were admitted on 20th September 1858.

Ownership of the asylum transferred to Ayrshire County Council in 1930 and it became known as Cunningham Home and Hospital, providing a 106-bed hospital.

In 1948 it joined the National Health Service and was renamed Ravenspark in 1958.

It became part of the new National Health Service in 1948 and in 1958 was renamed Ravenspark Hospital where it provided psychiatric and geriatric care until its closure in 1996.

On 18th December 2003, JointPlain Ltd lodged a planning application for the Demolition/partial demolition (facade retention) of existing buildings and erection of 117 dwellings.

As of 2009, work commenced on the demolition of the buildings

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2006 Photographs

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Aerial Photographs
Urban Exploration Site “The System”
Ravenspark on You Tube by Dazzababes


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