Mercat Cross, Glasgow

A Mercat Cross is a Market Cross which is found in many towns across Scotland and is where trade was carried out. It was also usually a place for announcements/executions anything of concern to the town dwellers. Located at Glasgow Cross, the Mercat Cross that stands here is a newcomer to the area. The original cross was removed in 1659 and this “newcomer” was inaugurated on 24th April 1930.

The cross is in the form of an octagonal tower with a column topped by a heraldic unicorn holding a shield.

The Right Honourable Lord Provost Thomas Kelly.

David Stenhouse, Town Clerk.

Thomas Somers, M.Inst. C.E.

Master of Works and City Engineer

The Mercat Cross of Glasgow. Erected by William George Black of Ardmay, Arrochar, Dunbartonshire and Anna Robertson Blackie Black his wide, in memory of their respective parents George Black, Write, Glasgow and Catherine Bodern Steel Black his wife and Robert Blackie, Publisher, Glasgow and Anne Robertson Blackie, his wife.


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