London Transport

Aldwych Station

Aldwych station was built on the site of the Royal Strand Theatre and opened on 30th November 1907. It was intended to be the Southern Terminus of the Great Northern and Strand Railway. The line was to run from Finsbury Park to Strand. Great Northern and Strand Railway merged with two other companies to become Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway. The station was renamed Aldwych in 1917 to enable the Northern Line part of Charing Cross underground station to become Strand. The station operated until 30th September 1994 when the cost of replacing the lifts was considered uneconomic.

Strand Underpass

Sometimes incorrectly called the Kingsway Underpass (this was a tram underpass), the Strand Underpass is a vehicle tunnel which is built within part of the Kingsway Tramway Subway. It was built by John Mowlem and Co. The Kingsway Tram Subway closed in 1952 and the Strand Underpass opened on 21st January 1964.

South Kentish Town Tube Station

Another closed station, it was on the Northern Line and sits between Camden Town and Kentish Town stations. It was opened on 22nd June 1907 and operated by Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway. The station was closed during strike action at the Lots Road Power station on 5 June 1924 and not reopened afterwards due to low passenger numbers.

Former Tube Building at Euston Station

This building is located on the opposite side of Cardington Street from the main station. It is disused due to the redevelopment of Euston station and the addition of Victoria Line. Another fine example of Leslie Green architecture.


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