Keil School, Dumbarton

Location Map

Architect: JT Rocheard

Built: 19th C

Enlarged: 1866-67 (Architect John Honeyman)

The school commenced life in November 1915 as Kintyre Technical School and was founded at Southend, Kintyre with 18 boys and 2 masters. The Head Master was Mr James Mason and the Technical Master was Mr AE Alexander.

A fire destroyed the school house 7th December 1924 and the pupils relocated to Helenslee House in Dumbarton.

During the second world war the school was evacuated to Manslan House of Balinakill, Clachan, Argyll.

Initially Helensless House was leased for 2 1/2 years but at the end of the term the estimated cost to rebuild the original building at Kintyre was £40,000. The Trustee’s decided to purchase Helensless house from the famous Denny shipbuilding family of Dumbarton.

The building Helenslee House dates from early/mid 19th century and was designed by JT Rocheard. The main building was enlarged 1866-67 by Dr Peter Denny who employed the Architect John Honeyman (later to form Honeyman Keppie Mackintosh).

In 1980 Helenslee House was listed as a Category B building.

Keil School closed in June 2000.

The land at Helenslee was sold by the McKinnon Trust to a private developer.

More photographs on FLICKR


Web Links″> West Dunbartonshire Council Archives

Keil School Site

Housing Development


Keil School, Roddy MacAskill Published in 1993 (rare)


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