Glasgow Underground


Cable Driven

Glasgow Underground (Known to SPT as “The Subway”) was built between 1891 and 1896 by the Glasgow District Subway Company and was opened on 14th December 1896

The six and a half mile long tunnels looped around the city linking the West End, City Centre and South Side. The tunnels are constructed of brick and concrete, with one third of the route cast iron lined construction.The gauge of the track is 4ft and is unique in that it was the only cable driven underground in the world. The power station for driving the underground was located at Scotland Street and powered the cables at 13 mph. The system was taken over by Glasgow Corporation Tramways Department in 1923. There were no points in the system. Cars were lifted through pits at Govan station.


From 1935 the underground was electrified. From March 1935 for the Inner Circle and from December 1935 for the Outer Circle. The original cars were kept, but were converted to electric use. Ownership of the Underground transferred to Greater Glasgow Passenger Transport Executive in June 1973. In May 1977 the Underground closed as part of the modernisation programme.

Old Merkland Street entrance to platform.

Area of tunnel that was bomb damaged in WW2


The new modernised Underground was opened by Queen Elizabeth on 1st November 1979. The Underground opened to the public fully on 16th April 1980. The modernisation contained new track, signalling, power, cars as well as stations and renaming of stations.

SPTE (Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive) took over the operation of the Underground from GGPTE..

Inside of post 1979 carriage.

Depot at Govan

Surveillance Cameras

.All Pic © me!


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