Cathkin Park, Old Home of Third Lanark Football Club

Cathkin Park was the home to Third Lanark Football Club who went bankrupt in 1967. The ground was originally called Hampden Park, Queen’s Park originally played here until 1903. hird Lanark started as the football team for the Third Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers. Known as 3rd LRV the name was changed to Third Lanark A.C. when the official links with the military were severed. The club was a founder member of the Scottish Football League. They had also won the league championship in 1904, as well as winning the Scottish Cup in 1889 and 1905 and the Glasgow Cup in 1903, 1904, 1909 and 1963.

The role of the Chairman Bill Hiddleston is still debated in the demise of Third Lanark – the land was sold for housing in 1967 but Glasgow City Council refused permission. There are also rumours that he paid the players very little, provided no hot water after matches and made the players make their own way to away games.


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