Broomhill and Lanfine Hospital, Kirkintilloch


Local philanthropist Beatrice Clugston, formed the “Scottish National Institution for the relief of patients with incurable diseases”, pledging to raise the money herself to open a hospital.
In the spring of 1875 Beatrice organized a bazaar which raised £14,175. This money was used to purchase Broomfield House, which is the original name for Broomhill when it was a villa, from Robert Bartholomew along with 80 acres of surrounding land.

Broomhill House was opened by Lord Provost Bain of Glasgow on 30th August 1876 to house patients suffering from TB, cancer, Parkinsons disease, MS, Chronic Rheumatism, Huntingtons disease, brain damage & many other incurable illnesses, paupers were not allowed to be admitted.

14th March 1904, the adjacent Lanfine House was incorporated into the hospital complex housing 18 beds used by sufferers of TB.

The hospitals became part of the NHS in 1948 under the board of Kirkintilloch & Kilsyth board of management.
The hospital closed in 1995.

More photographs from 2005 on FLICKR

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